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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

Q: When does the next season start?
A:The next season will usually begin within 15-30 days of the end of the previous season. You can check when the season ends on the calendar.

Q: I missed the registration period, can I get my team in this season?
A: Chances are no, but occasionally we have teams pull out, in this situation, your team would fill the open Team slot in the same division, your team will inherit the old teams' game times, win/loss record, and full team fee.

Q: How much does it cost per team?
A: Team Fees per season are: Adult Team: $495.00, Youth Team: $475.00.

Q: What are the rules?
A: We are sactioned by US Indoor Soccer Association. The rules are outlined in the Laws of the Game. For a clarification of the rules, please ask your game offical before the start of play.

Q: When does my Player Card Expire?
A: The Player ID Card has expiration date printed on it.

Youth FAQ:

Q: How do I register a team?
A: Team registration is opened for the next season about half way through the current season. Team Captains can signup online or at Soccer Indoors.

Q: How many players should I have on a team?
A: Youth players play on the same size field as the Adult players, we recommend you have 12-13 players per team so you will have plenty of sub's for your players. Youth teams have a roster maximum of 13 players.

Q: Can I add players from the free agent list?
A: Yes, As long as the player is in the same age level as the team. (It is the coaches responsiblility to verify eligibility with the youth age chart).

Q: When do we play?
A: Youth matches are held on Saturday and Sundays, starting at 8:00am with the last game starting at 8:30pm, some matches may be scehduled on a Monday - Friday in the 6:00pm - 8:30pm time slot.

Q: Do youth teams play every season?
A: No, Youth teams usually play every other season. We will entertain Youth team registrations during non-youth seasons, under special considerations. Please contact us, if you are interested.

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