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Forms and Procedures

Team Rosters:

Team rosters must be filled-out and submitted to Soccer Indoors by the 1st Game. All Teams can add players to their roster until the 3rd game. After the 3rd game you must delete someone from your roster for the rest of the season, to add a new player, you will only be able to Add/Drop a total of three (3) players.
If you delete 2 you can add 2, however they must be players that are of the level you are playing, (example, 5th division cannot ask a 1st or 2nd division player to play in that division).
You may only submit the add/drop form if you have submitted a roster.
If Soccer Indoors doesn't have a completed roster on record by the beginning of the 3rd game, all games thereafter will be considered forfeits.

Teams will not be allowed to add/drop players to their teams/rosters within 1 hour of their match time, regardless of the number matches played so far in the season.

Youth teams will only be allowed a MAXIMUM total of 13 players per team on the roster.

  • First Place Finishes - Trophy's are only guaranteed to 13 players on the team's roster, additional trophy's can be purchased at Coaches / Parents Expense (Trohpy's only avialable for Youth Teams); Adult Team's will receive a $50.00 reduction in their team fee the following season.
  • If two teams are tied at the end of the season the winner will be determined by goal differential. No Friendly games are counted in the goal differential calculation.


    All Players are expected to play by the Soccer Indoors Laws of the Game. All players must wear legal shin guards, all purpose sport or turf shoes, no outdoor cleats allowed.

    Youth players (U17 and U18 only!) may request to play in an Adult League. Approval for such a request must be in person (player and parent) to the Management of Soccer Indoors. Soccer Indoors reserves the right to deny the request for any reason.


    Players not on your roster after the the 3rd game will be considered illegal players and your game will be scored as a forfeit.

    Important Forms:

    Fees and Fines:

    • A Late Fee of $75 Dollars will be added after each game, if Team Fee is not paid by the end of the first scheduled game.
    • Red cards are determined by Committee. The fines vary; $25 and up depending on the infraction.
    • Team Fee is due for each existing registered Team after the First Game (newly formed teams must submit payment in full before season begins)- $495.00 for Adult, $475.00 for Youth Teams


    • Adult - $20
    • Youth - $16
    • Coach - $5

    • *Reprint and Temp Cards must have a valid expiration date
    • Reprint - $10
    • Temp - $5

    • *Valid Membership Cards must be presented to the referees before the game and anyone present on the field during the game. If a player card is not present for a player or coach, the match will be considered a forfeit.

    US Indoor Soccer Rules:

    All players at Soccer Indoors must comply with US Indoor Soccer Association and Soccer Indoors rules of play.

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