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Today's Games

U11C: Spartans 09 vs LBK FC 09B

Game Starts @ 6:00PM

M5: The Losers vs Regulators

Game Starts @ 6:50PM

C6: Ballers vs Fuego

Game Starts @ 7:40PM

M5: Metro Boomin vs SOL

Game Starts @ 8:30PM

M2: Beercelona vs Turf Gorillas

Game Starts @ 9:20PM

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04:39 am
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Current Time: 04:39 am
Today's Games:
Spartans 09 vs LBK FC 09B
@ 6:00PM
The Losers vs Regulators
@ 6:50PM
Ballers vs Fuego
@ 7:40PM
Metro Boomin vs SOL
@ 8:30PM
Beercelona vs Turf Gorillas
@ 9:20PM